Sunday, February 5, 2012

Circuit 12V Power Supply

Here is a simple 12V circuit, power is not easy to build the circuit at all. Simply by connecting the inter-connection as schematically attached with cables or son are properly shielded equipment. A beginner can assemble a schema is 12V in half an hour.

12V power supply circuit uses a transformer input 0-15V 3A AC. Unregulated DC supply voltage through a diode bridge integrated component and of the electrolyte capacitor. For a regulated DC voltage needs a 12V zener diode and a 2N3055 transistor with 3A maximum load current capabilities. Thus, the power supply circuit supplying 12V ​​fixed output voltage.

 To connect properly, you must know the pin out of the 2N3055, 2N3055 click to guide technical datasheet. For optimal heat 2N3055 transistor needs a heat sink attached to it. If you want an adjustable output voltage, it requires only small changes in input transistor 2N3055 base with a variable voltage. To this end, may use a LM723 IC. Caution in experimentation to a 12V supply circuit.


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