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Circuit Power audio Amplifier with TDA2030 2.1 Chanell – 3 x 18 Watts – Subwoofer – Complete

Circuit Power audio Amplifier with TDA2030 2.1 Channel– 3 x 18 Watts – Subwoofer – Complete
This circuit is a complete application is 2.1 amp, two satellite speakers for TDA and one for the subwoofer, making the 2.1 system, widely used in commercial applications as an amplifier for computers, which may give an increased in its audio system with a stereo amplifier + bass amplifier (subwoofer).

 Description of the amplifier circuit with TDA 2030
The circuit is divided into 3 parts: power supply, amplifier, stereo amplifier and bass amplifier (subwoofer).
Power supply circuit  and pre + low pass filter for the sub power supply
The power supply is of symmetric type, using a transformer, 110 or 220 with dual secondary 12 volts and 3A current. I recommend using a fuse and a switch before the transformer. B1 is a bridge rectifier least 100 volts / 4 A, an example that can be used is GBU606, the filtering circuit is formed of the capacitors C1, C2, C3 and C4, the electrolytes can have values ​​from 4700μF . The power supply for the op amp Highpass filter, is used three terminal integrated circuits 7812 and 7912.
Circuit of the amplifiers of satellite speakers
The left and right channels give exactly the same, let’s see how the left channel: LIN is the audio input jack, which is coupled by C20 to the pot volume adjustment, it is a double pot, and set the two channels simultaneously. R19/C22, helps to improve the signal of the treble. The capacitor C21 couples the signal to CI6 TDA2030, after amplified audio output is pin 4 of integrated. The resistor R7 and R9 are responsible for feedback, so by changing the value of R7 can increase or decrease the gain of the amplifier. R20 and C23 form the compensation network for the speakers.
Circuit pre and Amplifier Subwoofer
The signal comes from the subwoofer to the left and right channels by resistors R15 and R10 being decoupled by capacitor C12, is applied in the operational amplifier 1 IC4A NE5532, which forms a pre-amplifier to boost the signal by 6 times. Determined by R6/R8 resistor.
The components C9, C10 and R10 form a low pass filter in this case is calculated to 200Hz. After leaving IC4B the low frequency audio through the potentiometer P1 that makes the volume level, then forwarded to IC3 is what makes the subwoofer amplifier, the operating principle is the same as satellite amplifiers.

TDA2030 2.1  – Schematic of the power amplifier  – Click to enlarge the diagram

Suggested PCB for the circuit of the amplifier 2.1 or 2 +1

PCB - Bottom Side

 PCB - Component side - Optional

 Component Layout - Component side -Click to Enlarge

Component silk-screen

Part List for assembly of power audio amplifier for 2.1 – TDA 2030

Part Value / Description
Resistors 1/4 W 5%
R1, R14, R20 10 – Brown, Black, Brown, Gold
R2 22k – Red, Red, Orange, Gold
R3, R5, R10, R11, R15, R19 10k – Brown, black, Orange, Gold
R4, R8, R9, R16 470 – Yellow, Violet, Brown, Gold
R6, R12, R17 33k – Orange, Orange, Orange, Gold
R7, R13, R18 4.7k – Yellow, Violet, Red, Gold
P1 10k – Potentiometer  – Volume Adjust Bass amplifier*
P2 10k – Double Potentiometer General volume*
C1,C2, C7, C10, C14, C15, C17, C21, C23 100nF – 100n, 104, 0.1 – Polyester Capacitor
C3, C4 4700µF/35v – Electrolytic Capacitor
C5, C6, C8, C12, C13, C18, C19, C20 10µF/25v –Electrolytic Capacitor
C9 220n – 220n, 0.22, 224 – Polyester Capacitor
C11 47µF/25v – Electrolytic Capacitor
C16, C22 2n2 – 222, 2n2, 2200 – Electrolytic Capacitor or Ceramic
IC3, IC5, IC6 TDA2030A – IC power audio amplifier
IC4 NE5532N – Double Op Amp
IC1 7912 -Integrated Circuit Negative Voltage Regulator – 12V
IC2 7812 –Integrated Circuit Positive Voltage Regulator +12 v
B1 Bridge rectifier100V 4 A Ex:GBU606
Connectors and functions
L-IN Connector 2 terminals audio input left channel
L-OUT Connector 2 terminal audio output left channel
R-IN Connector 2 terminal audio input left channel
R-OUT Connector 2 terminal audio output right channel
SUB Connector 2 terminal audio output Subwoofer
AC Three-pin connector for the transformer
J1, J4, J5, J6, J7 J12MM – Bit of wire
J2 J5MM – Bit of wire
J3 J7MM – Bit of wire
Transformer 12 +12 / 3 amps, wires, box for the amplifier PCB, heat sink for the IC TDA, etc..

Appearance of some components used in this assembly TDA2030, NE5532, 7812, 7912

Download PCB files in PDF: TDA2030 datasheet, NE5532 datasheet , Schematic of the amplifier 2.1, PCI board, component side, Silk Screen. Just remember that whoever Libraries (library) for the TDA2030 and NE5532 for the Eagle, these components are linear in the library.

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