Monday, December 22, 2008

5A Power Supply 1.2-25V

The core of the power supply circuit is LM338K. The scheme circuit 5A power supply with adjustable output voltage from 1.2 to 25V. Construction circuit is compact, all elements except transformer, the printed circuit. Serial element to the cooling body mounted over the aluminum-angular profile. One side of angular profile, therefore, lies between the printed circuit boards and regulators LM338K, the other side is mounted on cooling the body with one flat surface.

The regulator must be electrically isolated from the angular profile for better heat conductivity .Relationship with wires, the minimum and facilitated by the buckle on the printed circuit. Potentiometer to change the output voltage can be trimer potentiometer on a printed circuit or potentiometer on the front panel housing, with two wires connected to the printed circuit boards.

Manufacture power supply is simple and cheap.Constructed power supply is also suitable as a power supply for the benches as an experienced electrician, as well as the newcomer.

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