Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Subwoofer Filter Using TL072

 TL072 Op-Amp based 11-90 hz Subwoofer Filter
The circuit subwoofer filter allows the addition of subwoofers to an existing full-range system, offering adjustable low-pass filter with the option of momentum and R6 and R8 mono-summary.

The subwoofer filter to remove separate preamplifier circuit to drive the low frequency sound a lot. At the tone, dial tone and can not be normal to do ... is a fine deep low bass sounds like a drum, or a cinema complex in a low voice if you can listen but to add cabinets and amplifiers. Subwoofer circuit is low-pass frequency of 11-90 Hz switching power supply 12V court if necessary to use +-15V. I changed the capacitor to cut the voice by a red circle mark.
 TL072 Op-Amp based 11-90 hz Subwoofer Filter
 TL072 Op-Amp


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