Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Regulator 12V 10A

This is circuit regulator 12V 10A by IC 723+2N3055.
Q 2N3055 x 2 for to increase form IC LM723.
To use transformer 10A, Transistor to Hold Heatsink.
To adjust the output voltage simplyt by VR1 – 1K.
circuit Regulator 12V 10A by IC 723+2N3055
 A friend of me wants 12V Power supply for High Current 10A load. Me tries to search see meet this circuit will should is appropriate. Because of use IC LM723. Be the integrated circuit Voltage Regulator at good one although older already. But still be usable well. Fine decorate voltage output with well. Besides still have the transistor 2N3055 numbers are highly popular transistor again the one number. Make the all equipment of this circuit seeks easy certainly. If friends want to give 10A electric tall currents. Should use a pot transforms the sky that has 10A sizes with. For VR1 give for fine decorate voltage output get as well be can fine about 0-16V. The detail is other , please see in the circuit better.

Source: 97 Electron circuit


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