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Graphic Equaliser Using 741 Op-Amp 6 Band

Audio 6 Band Graphic Equaliser Using 741 Op-Amp

6 Band Graphic Equaliser Using 741 Op-Amp
This circuit is 6-band graphic equalizer, you can adjust the sound of low, medium and higher than the IC op amp circuit used 741.
With this circuit you can control and mix of frequencies and tones to your liking.
In essence, the circuit comprises an IC 741, whose gain is determined by several freguencies adjustment potentiometer.
Audiblefrequency spectrum is covered in six steps: 50Hz, 160Hz, 500Hz, 1.6kHz, 5kHz 16kHz,. All potentiometers are linear 100kΩ. The circuit provides adequate boost / cut for normal use.
power supply for the circuit can be derived from the amp / preamp itself. The supply voltage range of rangeof (6V-20V) makes the circuit very versatile. Power consumption is negligible.

list Component

R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R6 : 27kΩ     C1: 100n      C6: 300pF
R7:  470kΩ                   C2: 33n       C7: 100uF/16V
R8:  330kΩ                   C3: 10n       C8: 4.7uF/16V
R9:  100kΩ                   C4: 3.3n      C9: 47uF/16V
R10: 4.7kΩ                   C5: 1n        IC1: 741 Op amp
R11: 4.7kΩ
VR1,VR2,VR3,VR4,VR5,VR6: 100kΩ Linear Potentiometers 

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