Tuesday, November 16, 2010

25 Watt Audio Amplifier Circuit

Here is the circuit diagram of an amplifier of 25 W of power in 2009 TR. BC559 provides two channels of each rating, 12.5 watts into 4 ohms, both channels are load.Here bridge to a single channel out put weight will receive 25 W. TR BC559 also has built in features such as short-circuit protection, thermal protection, overload protection, etc., with very low components.The external factors, the most interesting things I see on this chip is not necessary dual power.


Do not connect more than 24 V BC559

If 5 amperes bridge is not made available to one with four 5 A diodes.
Fit a suitable heat sink size BC559

If you operate the circuit without heat sink.
To connect the volume control in connection with a 10K pot
All capacitors are in this neighborhood has done more than 25 V.
Capacitors with a + sign must be maintained and electrolytic capacitors are usually positive.Other exception ceramic.If us that there is no data in the circuit or shares list.This law applies to all circuits on this site.


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