Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 Band Equalizer

10 Graphic Stereo Equalizer
This circuit uses a single chip, IC TL074 for achieving a 5-band graphic equalizer for use in Hi-fi audio systems. The 5-band graphic equalizer is true for radio-cassette player, and car stereos. This unit features: low distortion and low noise, wide range of operating power voltage (3.5V to 16V), low-power (5 mA), Wide Dynamic Range (DE = 2.1Vrms/VCC = 8V) and built an amplifier input and output buffer. The TL074 is a five-point graphic equalizer, which has integrated all the functions necessary for a CI. The IC is the system of five sounds and control input and an output buffer amplifier. The PDF below contains detailed information on the wiring diagram for the 5-band graphic equalizer with a single IC / chip (BA3812L). The circuit shown in the table works around the five frequency bands: 100Hz, 300Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz, 10kHz.

Electronic Parts

R1….20= 10Kohms
R21….40= 1Mohms
R41= 10Kohms
R42= 1Kohms
R43…..52= 2.2Kohms
R53…..62= 47Kohms
R63-64-66-67= 47Kohms
R65= 10Kohms
R68-69= 47 ohms 1/2W
IC1…3= TL074
RV1….10= 100Kohms lin FADER
S1= 2X4 SW for stereo
RV11= 10Kohms log.

C1= 180nF polyester
C2= 18nF polyester
C3= 100nF polyester
C4= 10nF polyester
C5= 47nF polyester
C6= 4.7nF polyester
C7= 22nF polyester
C8= 2.2nF polyester
C9= 12nF polyester
C10= 1.2nF polyester
C11= 5.6nF polyester
C12= 560pF polysterine
C13= 2.7nF polyester
C14= 270pF polysterine
C15= 1.5nF polyester
C16= 150pF polysterine
C17= 680pF polysterine
C18= 68pF polysterine
C19= 360pF polysterine
C20= 36pF polysterine
C21= 4.7uF polyester
C22-23= 33pF polysterine
C24= 10uF 25V
C25-26= 47uF 25V
C27…32= 47nF polyester


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