Friday, December 12, 2008

Power Amplifier 60W by TDA7294

Power Amplifier 60W by TDA7294
The TDA7294 amplifier module is a monolithic integrated circuit. It is intended for use as an audio class AB amplifier in hi-fi applications. It has a wide voltage range and output current capability, enabling it to supply the highest power into both 4 ohm and 8n ohm loads. With the addition of a handful of parts and a suitable power supply, this module will deliver 50W RMS into 8-ohm with 0.1% THD. you the user must supply a heavy duty heatsink rated at 1.4°C/W. Pin 10 is the MUTE input and pin 9 provides a STANDBY mode. Muting should always take place before standby mode is selected. Connecting these pins permanently to the supply rail (insert links) ensures that the amplifier comes on immediately on power up. Increasing the time constants R3-C6 and R4-C5 may eliminate any switch-on clicks. The IC has internal thermal protection that causes the mute to cut in at 145°C and switches the amplifier into standby at 150°C. Do not operate the module without a heatsink. The heatsink tab on the TDA7294 IC is internally connected to the negative supply rail. If the module is mounted inside an earthed metal enclosure then the IC must be insulated from the heatsink. If not, the negative supply rail will be shorted to ground.


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