Monday, February 13, 2012

stereo audio amplifier capable of delivering 11W per channel

Stereo Audio Amplifier with LM4752 circuit capable of delivering 11W a channel continuous average output power to 4 load or 7W per channel into 8 using a single 24V supply

The LM4752 is specifically designed for single supply operation and a low external component count. The gain and bias resistors are integrated on chip, resulting in a 11W stereo Amplifier in a compact 7 pin TO220 package. High output power levels at both 20V and 24V supplies and low external component count offer high value for compact stereo and TV applications. A simple mute function CAN be implemented with the addition of a few external components.
 LM4752 Chip Features
  • Drives 4Ω and 8Ω loads
  • Internal gain resistors (AV = 34 dB)
  • Minimum external component requirement
  • Single supply operation
  • Internal current limiting
  • Internal thermal protection
  • Compact 7-lead TO-220 package
  • Low cost-per-watt
  • Wide supply range 9V - 40V


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