Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Solar-powered aircraft drone Egyptians invented Two students

Engineering students could Rafiq Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Tawab al-Shami and Abdullah Mohammed Adel Al-Khudari with the assistance Hammad creation of the first Egyptian plane without a pilot solar-powered, where they d. Mustafa Mohamed Kamel former Dean of Engineering Tenth of Ramadan great support to complete the project under the supervision of d. Adel Nasser.

Said Ahmed Rafiq: The Beginning in the implementation of the plane was in May last year and finished the complete design in November of the same year and the cost of not more than 17 thousand pounds, as well as working without a sound and can provide them with a camera imaging and sensor from a distance.
He added: We faced many obstacles in order to come into force to the idea and represents the most important in the lack of raw materials for the Egyptian market, which forced us to import from abroad.
The Engineer Mohamed Adel, a trainer model aircraft carried out several models of previous models of aircraft of various global to the plane are lightweight with a 2 kg and a quarter do not occur significant damage in the event of its fall, as they preserve the environment where it works on solar energy.
The registration of Two students that they had the idea in the real estate and are now working on the development and manufacture of aircraft larger size to be able to continue flying for more than 6 hours.


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