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Circuit two channel audio power amplifier Stereo

LA 4440 Stereo Amplifier Circuit

LA4440 is a two channel audio power amplifier with inbuilt in dual channels enables it for stereo and bridge amplifier applications. In dual mode it gives 6 W per channel and in bridge mode 19 W output.
. It has good ripple rejection of 46dB, small residual noise, built in over voltage and surge voltage protection etc. ideal feature of the IC is its pin-to-pin protection. Here LA4440 is wired in bridge configuration using only one input.
Features of LA4440
1. Built in two channels to use as Mono and Stereo
2. Dual mode 6W x 2 and Bridge mode 19W
3. 46 dB Ripple rejection
4. 18V Max. Power handling and 12V typical
5. Good channel separation and low distortion
6. Built in Audio Muting function and Pin-to-Pin protection
7. Surge protection circuitry

LA 4440 Stereo Amplifier Circuit


 IC LA 4440
Pin connection of LA4440
1 NF1
2 Audio In 1
3 Pre Amp Ground
4 Audio Mute
5 DC
6 Audio In 2
7 NF2
8 Gnd
9 BS 2
10 Audio Out 2
11 VCC
12 Audio Out 1
13 BS 1
14 Gnd
Source: electroskan

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