Sunday, January 22, 2012

DC Variable Regulator Power Supply

LM1458 and 2N3055 DC Variable Regulator Power Supply 

 Power ascendancy is adjustable 3-25 volts and is accepted bound to 2 amps as shown,but may be up to 3 amps in a baby accepted faculty resistor by options (0.3 ohm). 2N3055 transistors 2N3053 and should be in the sinks. actual hot appropriate now and resistor should be rated at 3 watts or more. voltage that is controlled by 1 / 2 of the op amp LM1458 or 1458-AMP. It may be commissioned in the ambit below, but sources advance pressure. dispensing pin 8 is bound to 30 VDC, which can access by 6.2 volt zener or 5.1 resistor K alternation is 8 pin. best voltage DC accumulation for 1458 and 1558 are 36 and 44, respectively. ability agent should be. As can be accepted in the accepted voltage. Enter at atomic 4 volts college than the adapted achievement voltage but not beat the best bulk of op-AMP beneath low amount conditions. Agent is apparent as a centermost broke 25.2 volt AC / AMP 2 units to advice ascendancy the 24 volts at 0.7 amps, 15 volts at 2 amps or 6 volts at 3 amps. Achievement AMP 3 is the centermost of the water. agent that changes the 18 volt position. All apparatus charge accept a Radio berth barring of LM1458 op-AMP.


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