Wednesday, February 3, 2010

40 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit With TDA2030

Power is 22W into 8 ohm speakers and 40W into 4 ohms. Distortion is 0.012% at 1 kHz / 8 ohm/11W and 0.032% at 1 kHz / 4 ohm/20W. Curent Offers variates IC1 ultimately for the input audio signal, so there will be a similar variation on the R6, R7, R8 and R9. Until the current is close to 1A, voltage resistance is not enough to open the T1 and T2. This means that the performance is less than 2 W into 4 ohm output of the TDA2030. This is a great audio power amplifier, because I know how to create them.
Supply voltage is between 12V and 40V.
Large 40 W mono audio amplifier with built TDA 2030, BD 712 BD 711th

40w power amplifier pcb


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