Wednesday, February 3, 2010

12 Segment LED Display Counter with IC 4040B

Part List
R1-R12 470 Ohm 1/4 Watt Resistor
R13,R14 5.6 kOhm 1/4 Watt Resistor
U1 4040B TTL BCD Counter & TTL 12 Segment Display Driver
DISP1 1 Common Anode 12 Segment LED Display
Circuit Diagram show thus as below

Picture below shows layout installation for electronic parts on PCB.
Part Installation & Wiring side
The circuit has used 12-bit binary counter which IC 4040B.
This number of the pulses of the input signal can confirmed by seeing its with the eyes by putting the light-emitting diode to the output of the counter.
The function has only of it but it is useful. As it has the 12 bits, the highest rank counter is divided to 1/4096. As it was in the highest rank, the signal of 4KHz can be seen in the about 500-millisecond blink. At the input circuit, it is protecting the counter IC from the excessive input voltage with the resistor and the Zener diode.


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