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Regulated Dual White LED Lamp

egulated Dual White LED Lamp

Regulated Dual White LED Lamp

(C) G. Forrest Cook 2008

This project can be used with a CirKits solar circuit kit.

Regulated Dual White LED Lamp

Regulated Dual White LED Lamp


This is an ultra-simple LED lamp made with two white LEDs. It is suitable for use in both 12V solar powered and automotive applications. Only seven components are used in this circuit. It produces regulated light output from 11V to 20V. The circuit board can be potted in silicone to make the lamp completely water proof.


Nominal Operating Voltage: 12V DC Regulated Light Voltage Range:

11-20V Operating Current: 20ma


The input power is filtered through a pi filter consisting of two 100nF capacitors and a 100 ohm resistor, this removes voltage spikes from the rest of the circuitry. The LM317L and 56 ohm resistor act as a current regulator that is set to 20ma. The current regulator is wired in series between the power source and the LEDs to provide a constant current.


A small circuit board was made using press-n-peel blue film, the board was sized to fit inside of a 1/2" PVC pipe connector. The parts were soldered into the circuit board and a length of two conductor speaker wire was soldered to the board for the power lead. A knot was tied in the power cable to act as a strain relief. The power cable was fed through a hole in the PVC connector. The entire assembly was filled with clear GE Silicone II caulk and left to dry. Be sure to allow the caulk to dry for several days in a warm place before applying power. Another brand of bathtub caulk was tried, but the caulk was electrically conductive and the circuit quickly failed.


Connect this circuit to a 12V battery or power supply, be sure to observe the correct polarity. The LEDs should put out a bright white light. This light can be used for a night light, a flash light, automotive interior lights and background house lighting. The low current draw allows it to run for many hours on a battery.


2x white LEDs, T1-3/4 size 1x 56 ohm 1/4 W resistor 1x 100 ohm 1/4 W resistor

2x 0.1uF capacitors 1x LM317L adjustable voltage regulator 1x 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC
pipe junction GE Silicone II caulk Two conductor speaker wire
Regulated Dual White LED Lamp

CAD Files

EAGLE CAD schematic

EAGLE CAD board layout

PostScript file of PC Board

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