Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amplifier of 68 watts using lm3886

Circuit of audio power amplifier 20 W using CI lm1875
The lm1875 is a monolithic audio amplifier that offers a very low distortion and a performance of high quality for projects of audio amplifiers. The lm1875 supplies 20 watts in loads of 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms.

Specifications of the integrated lm1875

Potency above 30w
Low distortion : 0.015%, 1KHz, 20 w
Protection against short ac and dc
protection circuit against high temperature
High current capacity: 4A
Diodes of protection of the exit
Ripple Rejection: 94dB
Encapsulamento plastic to-220 5 pins

Schematic of the circuit of the amplifier with lm1875 of the national

Example of amplifier assembly with lm1875 suggested by the national

Source: National semiconductors lm1875 datasheet


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