Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 Watt stereo ampliifer

About the circuit.

Here is a small but effective mini stereo amplifier circuit based on the MAX 7910 IC.The circuit can deliver a 3W power to a 4 Ohm load .The main feature is that the circuit can be operated from a single power supply.All these makes the circuit ideal for a mini box amplifier.Since only 3W is handled the IC doe snot need a heat sink .In addition the IC MAX 7910 has a built in thermal overload protection which makes it quite difficult to be destroyed.

Circuit diagram & Parts list .


  1. Use a well regulated and filtered 5V DC power supply to power the circuit.
  2. For hand held applications a 6V battery with a IN 4007 diode in direction and series to the positive terminal of the battery can be used.The diode drops 0 .7 volts to give the IC ,the rated 5V supply.This is an adjustment for additional safety.
  3. The circuit can be assembled on a good quality Vero board.


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