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Circuit audio power amplifier for surround systems with quad TDA7375

Circuit of quadruple audio amplifier using integrated circuit TDA7235 for systems surround.

Circuit of quadruple amplifier for systems surround using the ci tda7375, for potency of 7 watts for channel in the version amplifying quad or 15 watts in the dual version (stereo). could arrive to 35 watts in the version.

TDA7235 is a circuit integrated amplifier quadruple audio amplifier class AB capable to work in double bridge or simple quadruple amplifiers, circuit integrated with protection system of short, it requests the minimum of external components, available in multiwat 15H (TDA7375H) and multiwat 15V (TDA7375V). Although the first conception went to automotives pplications , to give him/it in a great variety of applications of low potency. That integrated circuit is ideal in the situation in that is wanted a reasonable potency and with a Power tension relatively low for your operation. That circuit drawn below it uses the basic configuration of quadruple amplifier, but using a configuration in bridge, it can be obtained about 4 times the maximum potency. In that configuration of quadruple amplifier it can be used as amplifier end of systems surround, when 7 watts for channel are already a good potency, using the minimum of components.

Operation of the circuit of the audio amplifier with tda7375

The capacitor C8 uncouples the internal tension divisor. The capacitors C5 and C6 are the filter for Power supply. The capacitors of 2200µF / 25V are the exit capacitors. Vs is the Power supply that can be a car battery or a supply of 14 volts.

Diagram of the circuit of the amplifier with tda7375

Power supply for the circuit

It can be with a transformer 12V/30VA, a rectifier bridge and a capacitor electrolytic of 4700µF or (larger). The maximum consumption of current with loads of 4Ohms is 2.1 A. You can use loads of 2 ohms, but he/she also remembers to increase the size of the of heat-sink, because the circuit integrated in Multiwat package it will heat up a little more. The fuse for the circuit

Suggestion of printed circuit board side of the copper

Suggested PCB for mounting the amplifier tda7375, component side

Information about mounting circuit audio amplifier

When assembling the circuit remember that this quad amplifier channels features two four inverted, then it should connect the speakers in reverse polarity at such times, attention to the polarity of electrolytic capacitors that should be of good quality. Before welding the tda7375 remember to solder the jumper, which will be underneath the integrated.

Block diagram of TDA7375 for more information see datasheet pdf of the integrated circuit TDA7375
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