Friday, December 12, 2008

25 W Bridge Amplifier Circuit

25 W Bridge Amplifier Circuit

About the circuit

A superb power amplifier using TDA 2009 which can deliver a blowing 25 W rms onto a 4 Ohm speaker and 13 W rms onto a 8 Ohm load. ICTDA 2009 is actually a 2 channel amplifier each of 13W rms on 4 Ohm.Here the two are connected in bridge format to double the output power to 25W.This circuit is designed exactly as what is said in the data sheet.

Circuit Diagram

  1. Maximum possible input voltage for TDA 2009 is 24 V.Don’t exceed it.
  2. Make a bridge rectifier using four 5 A diodes if 5 ampere bridge is not available
  3. TDA 2009 must befitted with a proper size heat sink
  4. Thermal risks are very high so don’t try the circuit without heat sink.
  5. A 10K pot can be connected in series with the input as a volume control
  6. All capacitors are rated above 25 V.


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